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Our founder visits new NU research laboratories

December 1

A piece of Korea now at NU

December 7

Nazarbayev University was awarded the prize “Yelorda Zhuldyzy”

December 10

End-of-Year Meeting

December 12

Nazarbayev University and Samruk-Kazyna aim to strengthen cooperation in digital technologies and innovation

December 19

Strengthening efforts in development of the university
health and safety management system 



On the day of the First President of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the Head of the State Nursultan Nazarbayev visited the new C4 Nazarbayev University research complex, as well as an exhibition of the university’s research projects. President Nursultan Nazarbayev is the First Chair of the Supreme Board of Trustees of Nazarbayev University, Nazarbayev Intellectual Schools and the Nazarbayev Fund.

The exhibition featured projects in the fields of engineering, biomedicine, new materials and in the field of environmental protection. The C4 research complex has an infrastructure with a total area of more than 18,000 square meters, and includes 117 new engineering, chemical and biological laboratories.

The Head of the State visited five laboratories of the complex, including: 1) an electron microscopy laboratory, 2) an atomic force microscopy laboratory, 3) a laboratory of robotics and intelligent systems, 4) a laboratory of advanced robotics and mechatronic systems, and 5) an energy space laboratory.

A piece of Korea now at NU

This laptop is called “GRAM”, because it weighs less than a kilogram, and this is one of the lightest laptops in the world. The Korea Foundation has generously donated 25 LG GRAM notebooks for NU Library’s Korean Corner.

In addition to these computers, the Ambassador of the Republic of Korea to the Republic of Kazakhstan presented 450 books as a gift to serve as the foundation of NU library’s resources on Korean language and culture. Mrs. Kadisha Dairova, NU Vice President for Student Affairs and International Cooperation together with Mr. Kim Desik, Ambassador of the Republic of Korea to the Republic of Kazakhstan, cut the ceremonial ribbon. NU Vice President Kadisha Dairova noted in her speech that the people of Korea and Kazakhstan have many cultural ties, including but not limited to the appreciation of Korean pop music by Kazakhstani youth and the popularity of Korean medical services among Kazakhstanis. With the opening of the Korean Corner, NU now has a small piece of Korea available to visitors of our campus.

The Korean Corner is open to the university community, and is located in the Culture Room of the NU Library (Block 5, 3rd Floor).


On December 10, 2018, for the first time ever a solemn award ceremony “Elorda zhuldyzy” was held in the concert hall “Astana”. Nazarbayev University was the recipient of an honorary award.

The Minister of Education and Science of Kazakhstan Yerlan Sagadiyev presented a crystal statuette with a rising star to the NU Provost Ilesanmi Adesida and Vice-President for Student Affairs and International cooperation Kadisha Dairova.

Recognition went to various teams, organizations and noteworthy citizens, for their significant contributions to the development of the country’s preeminent city and efforts in glorifying it beyond the borders of Kazakhstan.

In the solemn atmosphere, crystal statuettes were presented to the Astana Ballet theatre, the “Astana Opera” theatre, the International exhibition “EXPO-2017”, the football club “Astana”, the hockey club “Barys”, the Cycling team “Astana”, the KVN team “Sparta-nomad Astana”, “Zhastar” theatre, as well as representatives of the medical cluster, Yuri Pya and Serik Akshulakov.


Full of news. Energy. And positive vibes.

It has become a good tradition for the NU community - to discuss year summaries on the eve of Kazakhstan’s Independence Day and winter holidays. NU President Shigeo Katsu opened the meeting in Main hall. In his speech, he highlighted the most significant events and achievements of Nazarbayev University in 2018, and also informed about important tasks for NU community next year.

In addition, NU leadership awarded the colleagues who’s been recognized the leaders of the year. The entertaining part of the evening went in the style of a yummy rock party. So yes, we rocked! And the charity lottery, where all of us witnessed truly miraculous things, became a culmination of the evening.

We wish you successful results of the year and amazing plans for 2019!

Photos are available through this link. 

Award for Integrating Research and Teaching
Erika Alpert – Assistant Professor, School of Humanities and Social Sciences
Michael Good – Assistant Professor, School of Science and Technology

Award for Innovative Teaching
Chethan Purushothama – Assistant Professor, School of Medicine
Duishon Shomatov – Associate Professor, Graduate School of Education

The Kehinde Award for Academic Integrity
Sulushash Kerimkulova – Associate Professor, School of Humanities and Social Sciences

Leadership in Teaching
Byron Crape – Assistant Professor of Practice, School of Medicine

Internationalization in Teaching
Saltanat Akhmetova – Assistant Professor, School of Humanities and Social Sciences

Inclusive Education
Michelle Somerton – Assistant Professor, Graduate School of Education 

Dastan Khussainov, Deputy Director of Core Facilities
For the establishment of shared research facilities in C4 block. Setting up infrastructure, individual labs, moving existing equipment and ordering new one.

Rebecca Carter - Registrar
For the development of over 10 policies that set standards for various academic processes and establishment of Academic Advising Unit within Office of the Registrar

Didar Khalelov, Senior Manager, Department of Software Development, NULITS
For the development of NU Institutional Repository, an institutional electronic archive for accumulation, long-term storage, and provision of open access to scientific research results produced by academic and research community of NU

Bakhtiyar Rakhimov, General Manager, Department of Student Affairs
For the development of Student government, Student fund, and diverse Student clubs, as well as initiating and leading transformation of DSA into an effective center of student activities.

Viktoriya Alzhanova, Director of Legal Department
For the optimization of processes in Internal documentation approval by standardizing templates and transforming the role of Legal Department to the friendly advisor role.

Alibek Abdullayev, Senior Manager, Campus Security Services
For the development of a number of University wide policies including Vehicle Traffic and Car Parking regulation, as well as Rules on Access Control and Inside Security Regime of the NU.  

Daniel Pugh, Dean of School of Humanities and Social Sciences
High commitment to health and safety in school activities and life on campus
The only Dean – Fire Evacuation Marshal (FAM)

Ainur Shakirova, Executive Director of School of Science and Technology
Active participation in health & safety activities and training
The best result of the fire evacuation drill - Block 7
The only School Executive Director – Fire Evacuation Marshal (FAM)

Nicholas Rudzik, Senior Teaching Fellow, Center for Preparatory Studies

Quick start as the school leader in
organization of health & safety events
 The most experienced Senior
Fire Evacuation Marshal (SFAM)

Ruslan Bugenbayev, Senior Manager, School of Humanities and Social Sciences
The leader in organization of events in health & safety at school
Senior Fire Evacuation Marshal (SFAM)

Arukhiya Rakhat, Manager, School of Science and Technology
Reliable support in organization of health & safety events at school level
Senior Fire Evacuation Marshal (SFAM)

Anna CohenMiller, Assistant Professor, Graduate School of Education
Strong concerns on health and safety in academic and non-academic life
In the top-twenty contacts of account
Active member of the NU Community in promoting health and safety culture

Vasileios Inglezakis, Associate professor, School of Engineering
High commitment to health and safety in school laboratories
The initiator and author of Lab Safety Plan for NU
Active member of the NU Community in promoting health and safety culture and making life on the campus safe

Kanat Turebekov, Senior Laboratory Coordinator, School of Engineering
High commitment in organizing health and safety activities in school laboratories
Accomplishment of 2 health and safety audits
Contributed in establishing safe workplace in laboratories

Yerkin Shaimergenov, Serikzhan Tursunov, Marat Mukhanmedzhanov, Askhat Koshkarov, Members of Nazarbayev University Fire Safety Team «BARYS», University Service Management

Prompt response to 909 cases of fire alarm
Prevention of 5 fire incident cases 


 Nazarbayev University and the Sovereign Wealth Fund “Samruk-Kazyna” signed a new memorandum of cooperation. The University intends to strengthen the current partnership with the State Holding Company, and further develop cooperation in the fields of digital technology, human capital development, and innovation.

As President Shigeo Katsu noted during the signing ceremony, the concept of lifelong learning is more important than ever in society. NU and Samruk-Kazyna working together could bring many positive changes in this regard for Kazakhstan. After signing the memorandum, NU graduate Mrs. Yeldana Bakytzhan spoke to the ceremony participants. Yeldana had successfully participated in the “Digital Summer” program of the Samruk-Kazyna and subsequently was offered a job in the Fund.

Strengthening efforts in development of the university
health and safety management system 

With a rapid growth in academic, research and public activities of the University, development and maintenance of a healthy and safe environment has obtained a significant role for further success in all these areas. In 2018, we had a lot of health and safety initiatives, including opening of University Health Center on campus, routine fire safety inspections, emergency evacuation drills, regular health screening, lab safety inspections and audits, and numerous health and safety instructions and trainings.  

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